i feel leazt today. Maybe because its raining and cold. I don’t want to do any school works today even if I need to for tomorrow. I just want to lie down and text some friends. It was a fun night last night. I think it was a long time since I attended a party. I felt tired after but it was fun. I hope someone will host a party again 🙂

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Stomach grumbling up and down

vibrating evry second you move and don’t move

see a picture of food inside your head

hoping you can eat it.

When it is time to eat

eating like there’s no end

getting food then and then

very fast in your mouth

after eating

you are very full

so full that your pants needs to be unbuttoned

and it is.

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I feel tired today. My legs hurt because of my pe class yesterday. We did shuttle run. 😦

Anyway, today was fun. We had fdp test in the morning and after that we went to megamall (sice shang is still closed). We went around ang my friend bought a dress. We lso ate our lunch there. After an hour, we went to shang. We walked under the heat of the sun. It is around 12 nn when we walked. soo tiring. We walked around different stalls/shops to see if we can buy something.  It added up to the pain I felt from my pe class. 😦

We came back to school because of the talk. I really felt tired during the talk. All I want to do is sleep. Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep.

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As I step outside my car this morning, I can really feel the heat from the outside. The sun is shining brightly in the skies. My clothes are not suitable for this weather. I wore a jacket with a sleeveless top inside it. It really felt HOT.

When my first class start at 9 in the morning, the classroom is HOT too. It felt like the aircon had not been opened even if it is. I really can’t concentrate with the lesson because of the hotness inside the room.

Clock starts ticking until 12 nn. LUNCH! It was so hot when we are walking to jollibee–even if it was just a few steps away from school. The sun is very high and the intensity of light is very strong.

After class, I went to my mom’s office to wait for her until 6 pm. Ang guess what? It is HOT there too. She said their aircon was busted and will replace it sometime within the next few months. I sat there waiting for her feeling HOT.

Good thing the hotness was over when I got home. My sisters opened the aircon for a while now so when I got come, my HOT day turned cold.

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wang wang

What I did today? My homework for Filipino. I chose the word wang wang for my assignment. I really had a hard time thinking of what will I include and not include on my homework. It is 2 pages long and it needs to be FULL. If the 2 pages are not full, there is a deduction.

Anyways, wang wang isn’t bad if it is used in the right manner and people don’t abuse it.

For the people of the Philippines, abide to the laws and follow the good example of our president–its the way to success.

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the day after the storm


Cold. Gloomy.

I love the rain. Its coldness makes me happy. The sound of the raindrops makes me feel good.

 However, i don’t like storms– its too heavy, dark, windy. Everything in excess is bad. 😦

What a bad day yesterday 😐

no electricity meaning no computer and television. –BORING.

Nothing much happened. 😦

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Thank you.

Many people did wonderful things for me and I want to thank them all for that. My family, my friends, my classmates, my schoolmates–everyone who are and were part of my life. I will not be the person I am now without these persons. Maybe this person is still part of my life right now or part of my past. They taught me how to be strong and face challenges in my life.

To those who made me cry, thank you for making me strong

To those who are at my side, thank you for being there always

To those who make me happy, thank you for the happiness you made me feel

To those who challenges me, thank you for helping me to become a better person

May it be good or bad– THANK YOU

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My study lamp.

I haven’t used a study lamp for years, but these days I started using the old one I used to use. I stopped using study lamps because I started to study in the bedroom, on the bed with television on. It is because I can still manage. I can still have honors, studying at night doing such. Well, my dad decided to scrap out this habit of ours and start to study on tables and no television. It helps now that I’m college. More concentration to finish my harder homeworks. I’m not used anymore with study lamps, but now is time to start to get used to new study habits I was doing long ago. I know it can help.

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The taxi cab incident.

During my break time in my school, I went to Shangri-La Mall with my friends. When we were already to come back, we picked a taxi cab. We told the taxi driver to drop us in UA&P. The problem was he didn’t know what and where UA&P is. I definitely know my school if famous to not be recognized. I found it funny. We just led the way for the taxi driver. I came to think that it”s either this taxi man was just really clueless or it’s rare for UA&P students to commute because they were accompanied by cars all the time, so he doesn’t know. Both are possible.

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It rained.

When it rains, it usually gives a gloomy mood in the atmosphere. Well, it’s different for me today. When I heard rain falling from the sky, I was amazed. I didn’t know why and it seemed weird, but I just liked the way it went cold a little. I got myself a little drizzled and refreshed by the raindrops. The down part of having rain today, it’s like the people slowed down. Crowded areas and traffic places all I saw for a moment. It went back to normal soon when the sun shined again. One thing I noticed is that when it rain, it’s either afternoon when the sun is setting in few hours or it’s night time. Why can’t it be noon time where the sun really shines too hot?

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